Thursday, September 8, 2011

Making the mini arcade cabinet

Hi there! so you have all the bit and bobs for this project? Excellent! :) .Soon you'll be playing with your mini arcade. In this post we will concentrate on making the cabinet. As I wanted to be able to print myself the side artwork, I drew the side of the arcade on an A4 piece of paper making sure every thing would fit inside a cabinet of that size.

You can download a Doc file or an image with the drawing of the design:

Click to see it bigger

Once you have the size you like, cut it out with scissors, and use it  to mark on the MDF.

Cut the two sides of the mini arcade.
The paper cut in this picture is not as round as the one you can download. That is because I did  the drawing above
using the final product, as I could not find the original drawing.

Cut the rest of the MDF according to the size of your screen. (The external size of the screen), That is really what will determinate how wide the mini arcade will be. Mine is 16cm (+ mdf sides)

If you are using the same LCD screen that I used (psone 5"), here are the rest of the measurements:
  • Top1 = 6.5cm X 16cm
  • Top2 = 1.2cm x 16cm
  • Control panel = 9cm x 16cm
  • Front panel = 2cm x 16cm
  • Bottom panel = 17cm x 16cm
  • Back panel = 23.5cm x 16cm
  • Screen holder = 4cm x 16cm 

Once you have all the MDF cut, the next step is very simple. Just start nailing the MDF, leaving for now the bottom and back panel. I didn't use any glue, but it would not be a bad idea to use glue or some sort of silicone to give some strength.

In the next post I will show you the plug and play bit.

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