Next Projects

For my next project I will show with pictures and videos how I made these arcades. I have step by step videos, so once I finish the instructions for the "mini arcade" I'll start organizing them. 


Another project I can show you, is how to control the zoom of a camera with a RC transmitter.

I have been using a microwave in my work van for 2 years now, and I can't live without it. It's a must if you working outside all day. I can show you how to install yours.

How to  make your own DIY window cleaning trolley for water fer pole with power control...

How to make a simple DIY projector spending abut $100...

I love this RC prank that I made... The idea is to fit it in your friend's car boot (or trunk), you drive behind him, and every time he brakes you activate a sound with the RC. LOL After some time he would think that there is something wrong with the brakes, at that point you "should" tell him it was you all along.  

Another projector, a bit more difficult to make but more compact and with the advantage of LED "lamp" that should last about 10000 hrs. (maybe you already saw an instructable of how I made this, but I'll updated a lot of the info and will post more info and pictures here)

There's more to come... stay tuned! 

Please comment if you want me to show any of these projects. 


Kishore said...

Please give the full details on projector. The size, requirements, dimensions etc. And if possible provide the source

Alquimistico said...

I have been following your instructable: Haz tu propio Proyector multimedia (spanish version) and then many others. But yours has the bests explanaitions (text+images+videos). I like your working way and you have inspired to me to make my own projector. Before starting I want to ask you about some ideas i would include in my pro. How may I contact you? Thank´s

Anonymous said...

yes, plz give in detail of projector and also with video tutorial,thanks

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