Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mini Arcade Intro and materials

After posting a slideshow of my mini arcade machine, many of you asked me how I made it. Here start the long awaited instructions ; I hope you enjoy it.

 First of all, lets have a look at the mini arcade. Here is the video many of you watched on youtube.

Here is the list of materials and tools that I've used for this project.


- 12mm MDF
- PSone 5" LCD (you could use any LCD with AV capability or even a portable DVD player that will not read discs any more)
- Plug and play ( Namco is the one I've used)
- Plexiglass. (I used some from a big picture frame)
- Printable sticker paper.
- Screws
- Black permanent pen
- Magnetic catch


- Jigsaw
- Nail gun ( you could use a simple hammer and nails if you don't have one)
- Sandpaper
- Work knife ( or something to cut the plexiglass)
- Scissors

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Anonymous said...

hi i am trying to make one of these but i dont want to take apart the psone 5" screen, is there any way that you can plug an av device into it without taking it apart

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